Tue. Apr 13th, 2021

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Child Safety During Online Learning Is Crucial

Though online learning plays an important role in education as it makes learning highly innovative, interesting with amazing videos, live quizzes, fun-based. Students do not feel bored, show interest in studies as they learn new innovative concepts, new methodologies, skilled and knowledgeable teachers, have strong products, and follows high technology. High-quality education is provided to the children in an affordable budget, provides the best learning to every student with the convenient online format at affordable prices. In Lido classes every teacher has been carefully vetted as well as trained by the lido rigorous programs and are provided with the best tools needed by them to deliver the perfect learning experiences to their students. The teachers share their positive experiences with their students, thus students feel comfortable and are interested in studies. There are impressive and immersive storylines, live quizzes contests, real-world examples, games as a result students have also great fun in learning.

How Child Safety is linked with Online Learning?

Around 93% of cyber attacks can be easily prevented by taking some simple steps. Through online learning, there are great chances of cyber-attacks and therefore the child needs to know very well about the importance of cyber safety. They can easily learn how to create the best defense against these cyber attacks by connecting to this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6afcunqDmJw and can learn different safety measures on a precautionary basis. The experts are telling daily about the serious impacts and the digital risks faced by the children during online learning due to this unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. The screen time has been increased a lot during these classes, children are exposed to serious cyber risks including cyber-bullying. There are various institutes and different links which are teaching the students how to be safe in online learning.

Different Safety Measures during Online Learning

During Lido learning students can follow various safety measures for their safety like they must manage their screen time, must be able to detect cyber-bullying situations, and try to handle them wisely. They must create strong passwords to protect their data and in this way, they would be able to manage various cyber attacks like SCAM, SPAM, and phishing. The children must show digital empathy i.e. ability to be empathetic towards their own and also other’s needs and feelings online. The next safety measure is that they must be able to differentiate between true and false info, trustworthy and questionable contacts online, and must know to differentiate between good and harmful content. They should maintain privacy and have the ability to handle all the personal information with discretion shared online to protect one and other privacy. By summing all these parameters, we can say that child safety can be maintained during online learning by following digital citizen identity, screen time management, cyber-bullying management, cyber-security management, digital empathy, digital footprint management, critical thinking, and privacy management. Various educational platforms are providing free child digital readiness kit for both families and schools around the world during the school shut down and thus helping the children globally to be safe during this serious pandemic and beyond.