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Finding Green Jobs: Tips and Skills You Need

If you want to take a part in caring for the environment and achieving sustainability, it is best to consider a career in the green industry. Nowadays, since there is already a movement to take care of the natural resources that is why environmental policies are growing rapidly. The rise of green technology leads to the creation of green jobs. There may be an increase in green job opening but it is still important to know one’s skills and abilities to ensure that you are fit for the role.

Finding green job suitable for your abilities is just like finding a regular corporate job. You need to have a specific skill to qualify. Know more about these qualifications needed and some tips on how to land a sustainable green job. To make the transition into a greener economy effective, the right skills for green jobs are crucial. So, figure out where you are good at finding a suitable job for you.

Categories of Green Job to Consider

Green jobs are categorized into 3 categories. If you are actively finding green jobs, it would help to know these categories so you would have a hint about where your competencies would fall in. Your job hunt will much be easier with these categories.

  1. Cognitive Competencies

Green jobs that would fall under this category require creative thinking that will test your decision-making abilities, reasoning skills, and the ability to identify environmental problems. Cognitive competencies jobs usually involve leadership skills that are why it is important that you also have good communication skills.

  1. Interpersonal Competencies

Interpersonal competencies involve both communication and listening skills. It may require you to have marketing skills to promote certain green products and services. The usual green jobs under this competency allow you to work in a corporation or a team.

  1. Intrapersonal Competencies

This competency requires adaptability and transferable skills in learning and applying new technologies and processes. You can work along with this competency. Green jobs such as researchers, green entrepreneurs etc are under this competency.

How to Find a Green Job?

 Decide where you would be committed to

Green jobs are broad. There are small or large organizations and there are private or public sectors. It is also distributed in different sectors that is why you should be able to distinguish what your skills are and where your interest will be. If finding green jobs will serve as your bread and butter, also consider the offered salary and benefits. If you are not yet decided where you are most fitted, you may do some volunteering jobs to know if you can do the job properly and to have knowledge about the work.

Check existing network


Research shows that about 70% of green jobs are found through acquaintances, family, and friends. The existing network that you have is people that give out real-time information about job openings before they are posted on other platforms. Finding green jobs not only leads you to the perfect job but it will help you develop new contacts that can serve as new acquaintances and friends.

Talk their language

If you decide to work in the corporate sector, make sure to sell your technical skills and experiences. Incorporate them well into your resume or CV. It is ideal to make sure that the skills that you will put in your credentials match the skills needed for the job. There are some cases where employers hire their employees even though they are still starting their careers. If that is the case, work your way up to learn and master the job. Get training if needed.

Tips in Finding Green Jobs

  • Consider what type of worker you are

Ask yourself about what type of job you want. In finding green jobs, you may check each job description because it will help in matching your work personality. The types of green jobs can either be a hands-on, practical type of worker, or an office-based role where you will only be given analysis and interpretation jobs. There are different things to consider based on your skills. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses especially on your work behavior.

  • Consider your interests and your degree

If you have finished a degree, it is ideal to find suitable jobs that will match it. For example, if your completed course is engineering, there are green jobs for chemical, mechanical, biological engineering graduates. It is your edge if you will be able to find a job that will let you earn money while enjoying it.

  • Do your research

If you want to venture into a green job, the more information you know about it, the higher chances you’ll land a green job. Research about the common skills that employees usually look for. If you already have a prospect job, read the product description, and know more information about the company.

  • Get as much experience as you can

If you are a fresh graduate, it might be difficult to find a green job because most employers look for employees that already know the work to be done. If you don’t have experience with the work, you may attend seminars or workshops. Seminars and workshops that you have attended can be included in your information sheet or credentials.

General Skills Needed

  • Mastery of information technology
  • Innovative thinking, creativity, Critical Thinking
  • Great in problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Analytical ability
  • Leadership ability
  • Team player
  • Work orientation, positive attitude, professionalism
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration abilities with the team

Final Thoughts

With the growing consciousness for the environment, the number of green job openings is also increasing. The competition is also high compared to non-green job that are why in finding green jobs; make sure that you are equipped with related skills to be a successful green advocate.