Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

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Your guide to web hosting service – what you ought to know?

If you are in the online world, then you probably have heard of the word web hosting. What is it all about? Web hosting in a nutshell is all about creating web pages and websites for online users. The other term for web hosting is web space because it literally creates a space for you on the internet, which will enable you to host your website. 

The significance of web hosting

You might be wondering why web hosting is still necessary when you can easily connect your computer to the internet and let it do the work. What you do need to know is that a home-based internet connection is not powerful enough to serve multiple users all at once. Only a top-notch web hosting company can do it. 

Web hosting providers have powerful web servers that have the ability to store multiple web pages, have strong connections to web servers, which enables multiple users to access a particular web page all at once. If you are running a website, you will need a web hosting service. Now, there are two types of web hosting services – shared and dedicated. The shared web hosting service is used by multiple companies and all share the same IP address. If the workload is too heavy, there’s a possibility of downtime. 

On the other hand, a dedicated web hosting service is something you can use on your own. You don’t share it with any other businesses. It simply means you get to enjoy all the perks on your own. Downtime is little to none. It also comes with tight security, 24/7 support, and optimum functionality. It is more expensive than the shared web hosting service, but you will enjoy greater advantages. For more questions about web hosting service, feel free to visit